Friday, August 2, 2019

8-2-2019 More rain

It's been a rainy spring and summer. Today we were supposed to have showers early, then clearing but have had showers through last night and most of today. Keeps fire season in check. Has been IFPL 1 all summer. Last week went to moderate with IFPL 1. After today, I would guess went back down to low with IFPL 1. Eve and Joe have been working at the Buffer Swamp this week. With Joe's help, we are nearing completion of the thinning over there.

Friday, July 26, 2019

7-26-2019 Luna with Eve in My Fabulous Tie-Dyed Shirt

Luna is such a sweet dog. We all love her very much. She goes on walks and to the river with us. Note the awesome tie-dyed shirt that Eve is wearing. Susan suggested that we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock with our own Birkenstock at the 4th of July camp out, and Alicia brought tie-dye making materials. We all made tie-dyed shirts and other things. This is my shirt from the festivities. Fun, fun, fun!

7-25-2019 Luna

Meet Luna, Jepson's new dog and companion. She is very sweet. Her owner brought her to the farm last Saturday and spent the day with us playing in the river. It took Luna a few days to settle in, but now we are walking her off leash and she is playing with Bernie and Max. She has taken a bit to warm up to Jepson, but he was able to pet her today, so progress a little at a time!

6-26-2019 Manvine

One of the native plants here at the farm is what we call manvine. The more common names are "old man in the ground" and "man root" so named because of the man-sized root that this plant produces. The daily growth of the vine on a well-established plant is amazing. You can just about see it grow. These pictures are taken in the Buffer Swamp CREP stand. We had thinning done earlier this spring, and just a couple of months later, all of the downed trees are covered in manvine. The leaves are huge! It's a challenge to get through it to limb the downed trees and cut into firewood.

6-26-2019 Bees are doing well

The 2 hives that I installed a couple of months ago are doing well. Will most likely need to add one more super in July.

6-22-2019 New Mower

We decided (with some encouragement from Leenda) that we should add a riding mower to our  farm equipment. It has been wonderful! Leenda got the grass in shape for the 4th of July camp out.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

6-17-2019 Agaricus Augustus mushrooms

Eve found them in the bundling shed by the milk house. I posted the photo on the Pacific Northwest Mushroom Identification Forum FaceBook page, and they were identified by many responders as agaricus augustus. They are supposed to be delicious. We will have to try them.